Now outside the doors of strange houses


Image by Margaret Bounke White, part of the ‘Women of Steel’ series

My practice is process-led. I believe that materials determine the way humanity operates and my work is centred on their composition and behaviour. I am also interested on the impact their existence have in our society, in particular architecture, politics and gender roles. Steel is my material of choice. Its chemical properties and reactions determines the subject of the work, the procedures and treatments I use. My proposal is based on the study of steel’s atomic structure, which in my opinion resembles the fragility of the strange times we are living in.

My starting point was to counteract the stable character related to the iron crystals’ form, with the concept of resilience also invoked in their formation. On the other hand, I was inspired by the way carbon molecules link with iron. An extreme precise process, that ideally gives form to a new element, carbine. Distortions often occur, and that determines the product qualities. Finally, I had in consideration the fact that oxygen is part of steel construction as much as on its destruction.


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