Sourcing Materials

The first job toward making the Aeolian Harp was to source suitable materials.
To produce the best resonance for a pleasing sound, the harp needs to be supported by a block of wood. As it’s to have a 400mm diameter footprint, I wasn’t able to use a recycled mooring post, or similar, so I started looking into producers of purpose-made hard-wood plinths, suitable for use outside; sawmills; woodsmiths; and timber-merchants.

In the end, I was delighted to find a local woodman, Mike Gardner, who’s business, Woodmanship,  upholds the ecological ideals I value. All the timber they produce is sustainable, and cultivated in Devon.

Last Thursday, I took receipt of a lovely piece of solid oak, sawn to 400 x 400 x 900mm and implausibly heavy.



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