Alla Malova

Alla Malova works in-between London and Geneva. she has recently graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Sculpture and is currently undertaking a PHD research degree also at RCA.

The basic question that underlies Alla Malova’s practice is that of blindness as expressed by the action of not seeing. She works by making the salient features of the invisible visible without ever quite resolving the shape that it is.

The resulting output of the negative sum of sculptural scenarios is like that of the wasp and the orchid – doesn’t ever add up and is persistent in it’s denial of the common origin.

Alla operates in the realm of narrative-based spontaneity and unpredictability embedded in real-life encounters of the day-to-day reality with historical and cultural references. she creates something new by making it old at the same time, repositioning latent possibilities of existing milieus in the space-time equilibriums.