Light Obscurity

Once the final coat had been applied, the artwork was packed and dispatched for installation at Broomhill. It was great to finally see the sculpture in the environment it was intended for. The location in the grounds allows the work to be viewed from multiple angles, the white surface reflecting the dappled light beneath the trees and the surrounding plants.

I would like to thank the Broomhill team for their support to realise this work. If you are interested in receiving updates on future projects please visit, and leave your contact details.

3_Light_Obscurity_2017_ Polyurethane_Resin_63X41X180cm

2_Light_Obscurity_2017_ Polyurethane_Resin_63X41X180cm


Road Trip

A recent classic, impressively low mileage considering its age. Although well loved, it is well used, interior is showing signs of ware, a regrettable consequence of being treated like a van! Although its capacity is limited, it never fails to surprise, capable of carrying five people at a squeeze or a 3 meter re-bar column (although when driving with the boot open, carbon monoxide poisoning is a genuine risk).