Templates and testing

Progress so far: 5.5m of pink ripstop nylon cut into the glove shape and sewing together using strong weather resistant thread.





Visiting the site and choosing a pink

I visited the site last month to see and select a location for the piece. My work is very site specific, for scale, wind and how it will interact with its surroundings.

I brought three samples of pink ripstop nylon,  they were all really similar in colour but also different weights so holding it up to see which catches and has the best movement was important. The colour really cuts into the green surroundings.

The location Rinus and I discussed was really interesting, next to the river with a glove either side. The gloves will begin to also interact with the river creating and mimicking its movements but also react to the sounds it creates.

Through Scale and Soft Material


My interest in inflatables began in 2012 when on an exchange in Gent, Belgium, where I studied glass blowing and ceramics. The act of blowing up something that was liquid and expanding it into something solid was fascinating, but also the ability to alter and modify its scale from something so small to something large. I have since developed my practice looking at inflatables in particular, exploring interaction, scale, unpredictability and the fragility of desires with a focus on the human body. Continue reading →