My work often examines why people attach importance to specific places and things, through paraphernalia associated with certain lifestyles and the re-contextualization of particular moments. My research unfolds through the playfulness of seductive and/or disenchanting aspects of stylistic movements, materials, processes, techniques and the ever-growing circle of things in contemporary society. Through versions of recycling, ornamenting and editing processes, my work roots itself in concerns of, labour, tradition, storytelling, identity, education, humour, and fantasy in this highly consumerist time. The outcomes of my work often incorporate eclectic uses of parts of the body found in caricature and portraiture, personifying the effects that objects and materials can have on us over time.

 My proposed sculpture (Title: TBC) particularly aims to compare fairy tale cartoon imagery to narratives related to mentalities of growing up and living in a UK rural context. I’m also interested in how some cartoon characters have become hybridised, travelled and regenerated overtime. And how they have been contemporarily recycled to become refreshed and more fashionable versions of themselves.

The proposed sculpture will be presented almost like a newspaper funny of a comedic moment. The sculpture garden at Broomhill would provide me with the ideal context to conjure ideas around contemporary mythos. The project will also aim to generate new reflections on issues of taste in societies relationships between art-sculpture-satire and popular culture in UK today.

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